On 7-18, Prime Minister Mark Rutte promissed the investigation into the MH17 crash “will go to the bottom of what happened and he will not rest until those responsible are punished".


On August 8 a “Non Disclosure Agreement” is signed by the government  of Belgium, Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine. It turns out to be they agreed that each of the 4 countries has the right of veto over the final text of the research report.

Today, September 9 , the Dutch Safety board published  a preliminary findings report.

Preliminary conclusions seems objective and the final report is expected within a year.

However, we of this website have a healthy distrust about the news coverage of what happened in Ukraine, and is happening, and about what exactly happened with MH17 and the 298 innocent men, women and children. A murder, which we, just like Mark Rutte, want to be solved. However, we are afraid the Dutch Government will do insufficient to reveal the true cause, because the geopolitical forces may prevent objective reporting, and because of the signed non disclosure agreement.

This website will present research on what happened with MH17, and also look for additional information, to enable people to learn the facts they probably don’t know. The Ukraine events are characterized by a massive propaganda war, in which the traditional media no longer seem to be as objective. This website aims to be a meeting point of factual and relevant information, so that people can form their own opinion.